Solar Energy Usage is Becoming more Efficient

With the advent of batteries that have longevity , safety and reliability (BYD sourced Li Fe Sulphate type ) we now have the means to STORE SOLAR ENERGY ......and have domestic electricity storage facilities.

The use of LED LIGHTING to light our homes, hospitals, office buildings and streets is absolutely a dream solution soon to become a practical and ECONOMIC REALITY.

Electric Vehicles .....E-Bikes, E-Scooters , and E-Motorbikes well as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are NOW AVAILABLE , as realistic alternatives to fossil fuel consuming vehicles .

The huge advantage E-TRANSPORT OPTIONS have is that they are paying for themselves once purchased for a one-off COST , and they offer NO THREAT to the air and environment .

The NZAPEV group is one consumer forum looking for quality and economy from NZ and foreign suppliers of these products .

The BATTERIES are the key to more efficient use and running of all EVs , and the sustainable energy supplies we can find for our future homes and communities .


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