Getting the cost of EVs down

Right now the cost of new electric vehicles in NZ is too high. Seems to me the best options for lowering the price are:


1. Do as Renault have done in Europe and unbundle the battery from the capital cost of the vehicle, with the motorist paying a monthly lease cost for the battery. This would shave somewhere around $15K off the capital cost.

2. A council that wants to own the "EV leadership" space in NZ offering a subsidy on say the first 50 vehicles purchased, and that city then seeking a matching subsidy from central government

3. Getting a wider range of EVs into the country - e.g. EVs from China - and thereby increasing competition. (The problem here is that the auto makers want to see the government offering incentives, otherwise they will continue to shun NZ in favour of other countries that do offer incentives)

4. A whole new take on urban mobility solutions - smaller vehicles that are very cost effective to produce.



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